Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Spent the evening with the Vogel klan last night and here are a few pictures of what we did.

I don't think Drew had ever seen a pumpkin and he was really unsure the the yuck stuff inside.

Tiesha working hard at getting the gutts out. I think her pumpkin had the most in it.

Leah possing next to her pumpkin after I cut it out. It is Minnie Mouse in case you couldn't tell.

Tiesh and Leah were the only one to make it through the whole pumpkin carving experience. The pumkins left to right: Drew (Smile face), Tiesha (Goofy), Leah (Minnie Mouse).

Since Drew didn't make all night we took his picture next to it today.

Drew is still trying to figure out what this pumpkin is all about.

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