Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Spent the evening with the Vogel klan last night and here are a few pictures of what we did.

I don't think Drew had ever seen a pumpkin and he was really unsure the the yuck stuff inside.

Tiesha working hard at getting the gutts out. I think her pumpkin had the most in it.

Leah possing next to her pumpkin after I cut it out. It is Minnie Mouse in case you couldn't tell.

Tiesh and Leah were the only one to make it through the whole pumpkin carving experience. The pumkins left to right: Drew (Smile face), Tiesha (Goofy), Leah (Minnie Mouse).

Since Drew didn't make all night we took his picture next to it today.

Drew is still trying to figure out what this pumpkin is all about.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


not much to say. Just trying to keep up with life right now. Praying that I find a job soon. Hopefully more to update in the coming days. Until then may God bless with what ever is going on in your life.

Monday, September 08, 2008

A long time coming...

It's been 10+ years in the making. Many drops of sweat, tears, and maybe even some blood have went into making yesterday possible and the future even more promising. The church that I grew up in for years has been planning to build, but it wasn't until 2004 that they broke ground. What you need to understand is that I am from a small community with about 100 in attendance on a given Sunday.

Yesterday the church held a dedication serves to dedicate the new multi-purpose room, pastors office, conference room, and classroom that they added onto the existing church. Many thanks were given to the number of people who put in time and energy to make this building possible. The really special part was that they honored my Dad's life and service to our church by giving my Mom a plague.

My Dad grew up in that church and so have I. The congregation is like family to me. Even more so after my Dad passed away in 2006. So here is to New Haven COB.

Congratulations, God Bless!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not going to catch U up...

I know it has been awhile and I am not going to catch you up, because there has been so much that has happen.

If there is anyone who is still checking this I would like to ask for prayers as I am currently looking for a job and am starting to feel the money crunch. I know that God will provide, because He is the one to closed the other doors, but I am not always good and TRUSTING so I am asking that you would join me as I pray that God will provide and soon.

I will try to be a little more regular at updating.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a month :)

So I know it has been a month since I last posted, but it has been very busy. As my last post said I left for Florida for two weeks. Had an awsome time with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin Andrew. One of the best highlights of the trip was that I found a star fish in the ocean and brought it back to my aunt's house to dry out and while it was drying out her ancient dog EAT it yes that is what I said he eat it.

Apon returning I stayed at my moms house for a couple of days which was really nice to spend time with her. Especial because I had missed mother's day. I returned to my house on Sunday night to pack to leave for camp on Tuesday, but instead of packing I had 3 little kids over and for most of the day Monday. Having them over made a great holiday.

On Tuesday moring I left for Grace Adventures for two weeks of training before the kids came. A couple of highlights from those two weeks were, the first day had a scavenger hunt to complete and part of the hunt was using boats, lets just say a canoe pulled a paddle while two of us sat in 3 inches of water and what should have taken like 5 minutes to complete took like twenty. But remember it is the memories that we are making that counts :) A second event was just over the two weeks how our small group became very tight, as some of us had or were experiencing the same events happening in our lives and it was great to have each other to lean on.

This brings me up this last week. The first week of campers, more specifically 7-9 year olds. Throughout this week God tested my paitences and by yesturday (Friday) I was exhausted and ready for the weekend. So today I am sitting in peace and quite in my house (in GR) preparing mentally and physically for next when I get 9-11 year olds, which I am excited for.

That pretty much brings everyone up to date, and I thank everyone for following me and hopefully I will have more updates as the summer goes on. I leave you now with some pictures of the last couple of weeks.

First day of camp in cabin # 1.

r to l: Destiny, Me, Shamya

r to l: Parashya, Omaryana, Me, and Elizabeth

While at camp Shamya learned that filling a pail with sand and then dumping upside down made a sand castle. This is Shamya and her first sand castle.

No they are not 7-9 year olds, but Isaiah and Domanic were at pathfinder camp for the older kids.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Going Going Gone

All week so far I have just been fighting back checking out, but I officially can. I am packing tonight and leave in the morning to go home and then flight out Thursday at 7:00 AM. Yes I know it is early, but it will be worth it. I will arrive in sunny Florida at 9:35. So.....
Florida here I come!!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kids say the darndest things (Post 1)

We had just arrived at church and were(me and some of the kids) hanging up our coats. As we were leaving the coat room the little four year-old (who's first time it was coming to church with us) said "Ms. Kali I just eat a booger." I turned to her and said, "D we need to keep that to ourselfs and not tell everyone, ok." She said "ok." Then you looks up at me and says, "it taste like sugar." What can you say... kids say the darndest things especially when it is not the time or the place.